ZFS is one of the most highly developed file systems out there and it surpasses any other file system when it comes to speed, overall performance and stability. The speed at which information is processed on a web server using ZFS is a lot higher, so not only shall any sites hosted on the server be read and executed way quicker, but also backups could be produced faster and with greater frequency without affecting the efficiency. In addition, ZFS employs checksums - digital algorithms that are employed to discover corrupted files. Every time the file system finds that there's an issue with a specific file, it fixes it by using a good copy from another disk drive within the RAID. Both the checks and the repairs are done instantly, so the information located on ZFS-based machines shall be safe at all times as it practically can't get corrupted. One more advantage of ZFS over other file systems is that there's no limit for the amount of files that may be stored inside a single account or on the hosting server as a whole.