Memcached is a content caching system, which is used to boost the load speed of database-powered Internet sites by caching the queries and the replies between the visitor and the server. To put it differently, every time a given web page on such a website is requested, the script sends a database query to request the information that should be displayed to the visitor. In case the latter clicks a hyperlink to go to some other page, the whole process is performed again and this results in plenty of database requests and high load on the server, particularly if the website has a lot of simultaneous visitors. Memcached "remembers" this information exchange, so if any of these pages is requested again, the script no longer has to request any content from the database, since everything is delivered by the caching platform. Thus, the overall loading speed of your site will increase and you will have more pleased visitors and they will be able to browse your site much faster. Also, the Memcached platform "refreshes" its cache every time any data in the database is edited, so the site visitors will never see out-of-date content.