InnoDB is a MySQL database storage engine, which has been gaining popularity lately, because it offers a significantly better overall performance and a faster database failure recovery in comparison to the default engine that’s used by the MySQL database management system – MyISAM. InnoDB is endorsed by plenty of programmers that create highly scalable software applications, as it works better with huge data volumes, while it keeps the server load at a minimum. Additionally, it locks only one database row if anything should be edited, whereas many other engines lock the entire table and hence need much more time to execute several successive tasks. Last, but not least, InnoDB obeys the "all-or-nothing" rule – in case the entire data modification cannot be completed successfully for whatever reason, the action is rolled back to avoid confusion or data loss. Magento and the newest editions of Joomla are two instances of widely used PHP-powered apps that have switched to InnoDB.