A backup of an Internet site is a copy of its content, that is kept on a different hosting server and may be restored if something happens. This feature is quite practical, given that you cannot know if a script update won't go wrong or if you won't eliminate something by mistake - a file, a folder, a database entry, and so on. If your site is backed up, it may be restored the way it was prior to when the problem appeared, so there will not be any damage, or at least it will be minimal, depending on the particular scenario. Keeping backups on your personal computer isn't very feasible, due to the fact that you would have to do it at least once daily and you could still lose information if your last backup isn't recent enough. In this light, you will need to rely on your web hosting provider, so you ought to double-check their policy on the backups, as some providers generate backups once each week, which will do no good if a problem occurs with an Internet site that is being used and updated all the time, such as an online store, for example.